What does the mother of the groom wear? Well this is a very difficult question because as you may be able to image the mother of the groom is often somewhat overlooked and I do not think this is on purpose. It’s just that the bride and her mother are doing everything and have so much to do that they forget that the mother of the groom is wondering what to do also (so if you are the bride try to include his mother also).

Over the last few weeks I have been working with a mother of the groom who just cannot decide what to wear. The wedding is about 450 miles from her home so she cannot even take her dress to the bride and get her opinion.  On top of that she wanted to lose about 40 pounds before the wedding and only lost 5. So she really wants a dress that will hide her arms. The wedding is at 4:00 pm so she needs a formal gown but is afraid that the one she found is too formal.

At the moment she has picked a dress like this which can be found at:



And the dress looks absolutely fabulous on her but she wants to cover her arms. So we found a shawl but now she is worried about having to hang onto that all night and she thinks the dress is too formal. I told her the dress in not too formal even though the mother of the bride may have a less formal dress.

The best way to determine how formal the dress should be is to go by what your husband is told to wear, in this case the father of the groom. He will be wearing a formal tux so she can wear a very formal dress. If he was wearing a coat and tie this would be too formal.

With the husband wearing a tux however she could go a little less formal and be perfectly fine. In this case a very elegant tea length dress would be fine and I love that type of dress.



I love this dress (found at- it would be find with a tux or with a coat and tie. The tea length makes it acceptable for a more or less formal wedding. And everyone is saying that navy is the new black for this year.

We will see what happens with her but if you are in this situation decide how formal to go based on what your husband is told to wear and then find something you are comfortable in.