The wedding cake is a big deal. Everyone will want to look at it and of course most people will want a piece. So it has to be big and they can be very expensive. However, if you know someone who is good at making cakes and loves to bake and design this is a place where you can really save money. I know many brides who have a relative or friend make the cake; some brides even make it themselves. But when the bride makes the cake it can be very stressful because as you can image she will have a million other things to do. The cake has to be made at the last minute so I advise you leave it to someone else.



If you and your future husband share an interest (maybe it is even the activity that brought you together) then it is fun to have the topper display that interest. Some friends met in a scuba diving class so instead of the traditional bride and groom topper they had 2 scuba divers standing side by side. It was fun for conversation and of course had a special meaning for those who knew the story.

I love the mini wedding cake idea. This way you can have different flavored cakes, after all not everyone likes chocolate cake and it is fun to have them decorated in different way. Of course this would be harder to convince a friend to do and more time consuming therefor more expensive.



We all probably realize that the old tradition of the bride and groom smashing cake into each other’s face is on its way out of style.  And it’s a good idea to taste the cake you are going to order most people do not like the super sweet cakes that many bakeries still make.

Have fun looking around and tasting!!!