Spring is approaching and we all know what that means. IT’S WEDDING TIME. Not only is it wedding time because spring is here but yesterday was Valentines Day and I bet there are quite a few newly engaged couples. So we have to start thinking about where to have the wedding, flowers and one on the most exciting things the dress. All young women love shopping for the dress.  I have known several people who have worn their mother’s, grandmother’s or aunt’s dress and this is quite a  special thing if you like the dress and if fits you. Sometime they have to be altered and that could cost as much as a new dress, but if you love the dress and it has sentimental meaning the pay for the alteration and make it a really special event.



I love this dress for a beach wedding and here in southern CA everyone loves to get married at the beach. A dress like this on a warm summer evening with a wrap would be wonderful. Just make sure you get the dress first so you can get the wrap to match because there really are a zillion different shades of white.

And for those of you that live in the country and want an outdoor country wedding like the one I wrote about in a previous article think about a dress like the one below. You may not need a wrap of any type in the country because when you get away from the cost it stays much warmer in the evening, or on a beautiful spring afternoon. In the country afternoon may be better because the bugs tend to come out at night.


No matter where you are having your wedding if it is this spring or summer start to plan right away, it will only get harder if you wait.

Oh and don’t forget a backyard wedding is always great and can save a ton of money, everyone can bring a dish to share and have a great time.

Good Luck!!! Will be back with more soon.