It seems that for the last few years I have been going to one wedding after the next. Of course all weddings have their own style which is mainly dictated by the bride and her family. Being from the south the majority of the weddings I attend are very formal so there is a lot of similarity. But one was quite different from the rest. This wedding had more of a country flare; as a matter of fact it was almost a carnival atmosphere.

The church service was at 3 pm and the church was small so many guest were told they could skip the church and just show up for the reception. If you are from the south you know that this is just not proper behavior but as you can image many guests did just this. Also children of all ages were invited to the wedding. And this is where is got fun because at the reception there were many activities for children, as though it was a child’s birthday party. And yes we had checkered tablecloths.



My main reason for writing about this wedding is to give my readers ideas for their wedding if they wish to have something like this. Wandering around the reception was a balloon twister and absolutely everyone loved him. He could crate anything you could think of. Many of the younger children came home with a Jedi headgear and light sword which they were still wearing around the hotel (where us out of town guests stayed) the next day. However, to complete these outfits the was a booth for face painting, so adults and children alike might be wearing the gear and have their face painted to help complete the look (of course they had to keep their same cloths on). The band was great and almost everyone danced because the theme was line dancing so young and old could join in and you did not need a partner, just the desire to dance.

The greatest thing about this wedding is that 6 months later everyone who was there is still talking about it. So if you want people to remember your wedding for a long time then add some usual activity. Although the event was quiet unique and most said they had never seen anything like it everyone, and I mean everyone, absolutely loved it.